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  • Paul Bochner

3 Benefits Your Lighting Control System Should Provide

An Enhanced Home Lighting Setup’s Features

There’s no denying that you can use your lighting control for a variety of situations throughout your Bergen County, NJ home. It can affect and improve every area of your living space. Illuminate an entire area or dim the lighting to add ambiance and a set mood to specific rooms – it’s entirely up to you.

All this is to say that your lighting control system should never detract from your daily lifestyle. The right system is designed with you and your needs in mind and should elevate various elements of your everyday life.

Are you interested in optimizing your lighting system to its fullest capabilities? Keep reading below to see how you can get the most out of your fixtures.

Make Quick and Easy Adjustments at Any Time

Lighting control should never overcomplicate things for you. Being able to manage the lights in your backyard should be as easy as adjusting the brightness of those on your bedside table. An integrated lighting system makes controlling your fixtures easy and flexible.

With just a press of a button on your smart device of choice, you can have access to all the incredible features your system has to offer. Whether you want these adjustments made individually or through a premade “scene,” it’s all never more than one button-push away. Have your lights brighten or dim to enhance a room’s mood and atmosphere or turn them off completely depending on what time of day it is.

Using your smartphone’s app, touchscreen tablets, stylish wall keypads, or even your own voice – you can make utilizing your lighting simple and stress-free.

Ease Up Your Day-to-Day Routine

Those “scenes” we mentioned don’t just let you customize your lighting, they also bring convenience to every moment or occasion. Tap a button to create the ultimate environment for any room or activity. Set the lights to dim at a warm glow near the end of the day, brighten when you walk into the family room, or coordinate your shades to raise and your lights to turn off in designated spaces when the sun is shining. Labeling these scenes as “dinner time” or “movie night” (no more lighting glares on your screen!) can make their use even easier.

The best part is you can make these scenes happen automatically or only when you put them into action with a button-press or a voice command. And if you’re not quite decided on what you want these scenes to do, you can make changes at any time from your smart device.

Tunable Lighting Benefits

Your body and mind need and crave the natural lighting of the sun. But if you find yourself spending more time indoors, it can be hard to get in that necessary sunlight. That’s why tunable lighting is so essential for your well-being. With fixtures that can mimic the color temperature and hue of the sun’s rays throughout the day, you can get your circadian rhythm back in balance – leaving you to wake up feeling energized and ready for each day.

Tunable lighting follows the patterns of the sun and reflects those tones and colors in your fixtures throughout your home. You can enjoy warm sunrise or sunset-like lighting at the bookends of your day, while blue-toned lighting keeps you feeling productive and motivated during work hours or while you go about your routine. You’ll benefit your physical and mental health, and your body and mind will thank you for it.

A lighting control system should only ever elevate your living space. Take advantage of your lighting today by giving our team at Electronic Concepts a call or filling out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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