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  • Paul Bochner

3 Reasons to Integrate Motorized Shades into Your Daily Lifestyle

Find Out the Top Benefits of Automated Window Treatments

When you’re bringing smart home technologies to your Westchester, NY property, you might not have motorized shades at the top of your priority list. But by not including automated shading, you’d be missing out on the added value, comfort, and security this solution provides.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top three benefits of smart shades and how they can transform your daily life. Find out more by reading on below!

Save Energy and Lower Your Bills

A feature that not a lot of homeowners realize motorized shading brings to the table is that it can maintain your house’s internal temperature. No matter the weather or season, your shades can insulate your home and either keep it cool or warm, depending on what’s needed.

A window’s glass can often let the warmth or cool air from inside escape outdoors. Your HVAC system will then work overtime to accommodate the rise or drop in temperature, which results in wasted energy and skyrocketing bills. With a professional installation from our team, your automated shades can prevent this from happening.

With photosensors in place or by integrating your smart thermostat to tell your shades when a temperature change has occurred, your shades can lower or raise to get your internal climate back to normal – and without your HVAC having to gear up. You’ll be saving energy and lowering your monthly costs at the same time.

Illuminate Your Home with Natural Lighting

Motorized shades can also be a luxurious addition to your home. You can completely change the mood and appearance of a room with the beautiful, natural sunlight from outside, just by pressing a button to raise up your shades.

Don’t turn on a room’s lighting fixtures and instead bask in the warm glow of the sun. Is the sun getting too bright or intense? Lower the shades with a push of a button and turn your lighting control back on. Need to watch TV, but the glare on the screen is distracting? With dual shading, you can keep a sheer shade down and roll up the blackout ones – so you can enjoy casual TV viewing in a dimly illuminated, homey space.

Setting “scenes” lets you best utilize your shades as well. With a “Good Morning” scene, you can have your shades raise up when your alarm goes off, bringing the sunrise into your bedroom, giving you a gentle wake-up. A “Movie Night” scene can lower your blackout shades in your media room or home theater the moment you turn on your entertainment system and turn off your lights and can raise them back up once the film or show is over.

Improve Your Smart Home Security

Motorized shades don’t just offer convenience and comfort – they can significantly improve your home security as well. When you’re away, your empty home can look tempting to potential robbers or burglars.

By setting your security system to “Away,” your motorized shades and lighting control will function just as if you were actually there. Shades will raise up and lower, just as your lighting will turn on and off throughout the day – mimicking their natural and random usage when you are home. This setup will trick burglars into thinking your home is full of life, and they stop considering your property immediately.

Want to learn more about automated window treatments and what their many benefits are? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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