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  • Paul Bochner

Top 3 Benefits of a Home Lighting Control System

Transform Your Living Space with This Smart Solution

Home lighting control has an incredible impact on your Short Hills, NJ living space’s appearance. But this solution can do so much more for your home than just changing how it looks. There are endless benefits to smart lighting – and in this blog, we’ll dive into the top three.

See how lighting control can elevate your home, improve its security, and add overall convenience. Keep reading on below for more!

Easily Customize and Make Your Own

Your home lighting can bring so much to the table – but all of it goes to waste if you can’t easily manage the system and personalize it to your daily use. Controlling your smart lighting should never be complicated. Just push a button on your smart device of choice, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, remote, or wall keypad, and watch as your lights follow your commands.

Dim the lights at dinner, brighten them in the family room, or turn them all off at once right before bed – all with a simple push of a button.

Plus, you can pick from a variety of keypad styles and finish that match and elevate your interior design and décor. Choose button and faceplate designs that blend in without notice, or ones that enhance your home’s elegance. The same goes for stylish bases for your remotes or tabletop touchpads – you get to decide what goes best within your home.

Set the Perfect Scene

Smart lighting control lets you manage multiple parts of your system at once – there’s no need to walk to every room to turn on their lights or to check if certain fixtures have dimmed or not. You can set up a “scene” that programs set lighting fixtures to respond to your commands all at once for any occasion.

For example, a “dinner” scene would dim the lighting over your dining table and lower the motorized shades in the room – creating an ambiance and encouraging your family and friends to start chatting. Another scene could be a “movie night” or “media room” one. This scene can shut off the room’s lighting completely and lower your designated blackout shades to keep even an ounce of sunlight from causing a glare on your TV screen.

Whether through a timing schedule or installed photosensors, your lights and shades can work along with the day’s sun patterns even better. Lights can dim or brighten, depending on how intense the sun is at a specific point of the day. The same goes for when the shades will lower or raise up.

An easy-to-use interface makes it simple to create these schedules or set these scenes. Just a press of a button and you’ve prepared your home for the ultimate comfort.

Enhance Your Home Security

Leaving your home unoccupied for any amount of time can feel nerve-wracking – after all, empty houses can look like top targets for thieves. Don’t ruin your vacation worrying about your property and whether or not it’s well-protected. Maintain peace of mind by having your smart lighting integrate with your home security.

Set your system to “away,” so you can have your lights and shades turn on and off throughout the day – mimicking what your daily routine would be if you were home and tricking the burglars into thinking your house is occupied. They’ll think you never left! Intruders will leave your property alone, and you’ll return to an undisturbed household – all safe and secure.

Your landscape lighting can also help improve your security as well. Not only does a well-lit exterior appearance keep any unwanted guests from lurking nearby, but motion sensors can alert your lighting to flood an area where significant movement is detected. The lights will scare anyone off but can also help your smart surveillance cameras capture a clearer picture.

Want to find out more about smart home lighting control for your space and what this system’s many benefits are? Feel free to reach out and give our team a call, or fill out our

online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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