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3 Ways to Utilize Voice Commands in Your Home

Make Controlling Your Home Automation System Easier than Ever

If you have a smart home automation system, then you might already use a variety of different devices to control it. From remotes, wall keypads, tablets, or even your own smartphone, there are so many ways to operate your system. But have you considered your voice is the most convenient one of them all?

Imagine saying a few words, and your entire smart home responds accordingly. With a top-notch voice command feature, you’ll never have to reach for a smart device again. Find out more about the benefits of voice control by reading on below!

Simple Commands, Simple Words

Never lift a finger to get things done around your home. By connecting devices like an Alexa Echo to your system, you can say “Alexa,” for it to get ready to respond to you. Then you’ll be ready to ask and command it to do everything you’d normally do with a remote or through your smartphone app.

Use your voice to lower motorized shades, adjust the temperature in your bedroom, and dim the lighting in the foyer. Get as specific as you’d like – your system will make the changes without any hassle at all.

Activate Scenes with a Phrase

Controlling your system’s scenes doesn’t complicate voice control. You can simply the name of the scene and have every designated smart technology jump into action.

For example, say “Good night” to shut off every light in your home and to lower every motorized shade. The same goes for the morning, where the opposite can happen with a “Good morning.” Other scenes like “Welcome” or “Movie night” can adjust the lighting, play audio or media, and set the smart thermostat at a comfortable degree for guests – all as you walk around the home, not having to lift up a remote or pull out your smartphone or tablet.

Secure Your Property

Bringing in smart security to your home automation system should be a top priority. You can keep your family and entire property safe with just one designated word. No matter if you’re going about your day, about to leave for the office or an errand, or are getting into bed, you can lock every entry door and smart lock, arm every smart security alarm, and ensure every surveillance camera is on and capturing footage.

Gain peace of mind and continue on throughout the day, knowing you don’t need to do anything but say a word or phrase to lock your home down completely. It’s that easy with one voice command.

Want to find out more about voice control and just how beneficial it is for your automation system? Learn how Amazon Echo can integrate with your system by giving our team a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams

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I am looking for a locksmith who can suggest me some door locks that will work with the voice command.

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