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How Voice Command Helps You Control Your Smart Home

Just Say the Word to Manage Any Feature in Your Living Space

A fully integrated smart home is one that can run and function automatically with zero hassle on your end. You should be able to trust that your smart systems will meet your needs every time you use them. So how can you easily guarantee that your technologies will react and respond to your requests the moment you have them?

That’s where voice control steps in. There are several ways to control your systems – whether it’s through smart remotes, keypads, tablets, or even your own smartphone – but imagine simply being able to use your voice.

Read on below to see how voice command can transform the way you see and experience your Bergen County, NJ smart home.

Bringing Savant and Alexa Together

You’ve more than likely heard of Amazon’s Alexa. This voice control device is easy to bring into your established smart home and elevate it to a new level. Simply saying a word or phrase can have Alexa operate and make changes throughout your home.

While Alexa can control your speakers and 4K TV displays, its reach goes far beyond just your whole home audio and video system. Voice control is meant to extend its benefits to all your smart technologies – from your motorized shades to your smart security alarms. Alexa can integrate seamlessly with your Savant smart home system, giving you the ability to manage every home solution with only a couple of words!

Integrated Smart Technologies and Systems

Your voice control should merge all your various technologies throughout your smart home. Controlling integrated systems is made just as simple as using your home’s individual smart features. Smart voice command can continue to combine every solution into one centralized system, just as your other smart devices do.

Decide to lower your automated shades, brighten your bedroom lighting fixtures, and turn on your multi-room music system all one at a time – or say a specific command to have them all step into action at once. This setup is a “scene” you’ve premade via your smart system, and that you can access through a single voice command.

Easier Use, Simplified for Everyone

Smart devices make using your smart systems a breeze. But what if you could take this simplicity a step further? Voice control means never needing to search for your remote, get up to grab a tablet or smartphone, or walk towards a wall keypad. While those interfaces have their own benefits and ease-of-use, there is nothing quite like voice control.

This setup can make it easier for kids or guests to use your technologies, and especially so for family members that might not be able to move around your home. Speaking simple words into smart system actions makes utilizing your solutions feel even more fluid and stress free – this is the power of voice control!

Want to learn more about smart voice command? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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15 thg 6, 2023

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24 thg 3, 2023

With smart door locks i can unlock and lock the doors with voice, once you automated your home you only need to give voice command and you can easily unlock and lock your home doors. Call a locksmith and install those smart door locks.


01 thg 2, 2023

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